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Adam’s Peak can be seen from the Governor’s Mansion on a day with clear skies. The most holy mountain in Sri Lanka, Adam’s Peak has great significance to Buddhists (who believe the footprint on summit of Adam’s Peak is that of the Lord Buddha), to Christians (believe it to belong to St. Thomas), Hindus (believe it to be God Shiva’s) and Muslims (to be that of Adam). With, four main rivers of Sri Lanka have their source from this mountain, at 2243 meters (7240 feet) Most climb it for faith but some for pleasure. Famous historical figures, Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta have visited Adam’s peak in the 13th and 14th centuries, respectively.

Governor’s Mansion can arrange a visit to Adam’s Peak for interested guests. Normally one should set aside a whole day for this visit. The climb can take 5-7 hours and could be taken along the traditional route of steps up the mountain taken by families, pious devotees and usual travelers and tourists, or that through the forest which is frequented by youth, organised groups and nature enthusiasts.