Luxury Tea Estate Mansion - Boutique Hotel in Dickoya - Hatton Sri Lanka
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Records and information we have suggests the Governor’s Mansion was built around 1800 AD. Photographic evidence taken in early1820 appears the mansion was indeed not new and signs of wear are clearly evident.

Governor’s Mansion was built by the father of late William Scott who was closely connected to the British royal family. Princesses have been frequent visitors to enjoy their summer vacations on a regular basis. This continued until the princess who was heir for the throne was coroneted.

Visitors to the mansion included some very high profile statesman & distinguished members of society. We have documentary evidence to substantiate such claims. The mansion stood in the middle of eighteen other tea estates and the governor of the estates resided in the mansion.

Bowling green, Nature pool, Waterfalls, Hiking tracks, fully functional factory, high altitude tennis court were all available exclusively to the occupants.

World War II gave the late Scott family the opportunity to show their patriotism when they offered several wings of the mansion to high ranking army officials to recover and recuperate. Speeches delivered at International gatherings show appreciation for the services offered by the late Scott family to the British army.

Good Old Days At Governor's Mansion In 1820 To 1920