Luxury Tea Estate Bungalow Boutique Hotel in Dickoya - Hatton Sri Lanka

Nestled against the foothills in Dickoya, Sri Lanka, the Governor’s Mansion Luxury Tea Estate Boutique Hotel stands prominent in its garden setting, located in a serene and picturesque tea valley of Ceylon.

Visitors can walk amongst the tea bushes in the plantation and observe the daily routines. And while standing on the garden lawn, they can catch a glimpse of tea pluckers carrying their day’s collection in wicker baskets, or Adam’s Peak, a highly venerated site by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike. Various flora, gathered over the years, gives the garden a unique and awe inspiring character. Trees dating back a hundred years have been well preserved and now stand tall looming over the colourful and tranquil garden.

Guests can hike or cycle along the winding roads of the tea valleys or ride the white water rapids of a river close by. They can experience aperiodic steam train journey or visit religious sites such as Temples and old British Churches.

For those seeking solitude Governor’s Mansion proves to be pure paradise. Cozy corners, collection of books to read and spacious yet privy rooms offer the best opportunity to spend some time alone.

Beautiful Scenery and Peaceful Solitude in the Hills